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My Australian story from on different planet

Today year 7 we are going to hear a story about a far off planet named Cloud Cookcoo Land. And how they learn about the Australian culture.


“Look my dears down at little earth with the tinny tiny peoples they are different sausage shaped. Perhaps we should ear out our socks and sandals. No let’s go without sock just sandals, no thongs that’s right. Deary me I got a little tangled there, no were not talking about the Indian peoples with the Bindi’s.”


Ok class, today on planet Cloud Cookcoo Land we will be learning about da ostralian world.

This is what they call a cute, a sorry Ute it is like are space ships that turbo extremes but on the ground and with wheels. Do you remember from last week? ‘I do ‘ said Soalindi “go on ” added Ms Sunkadoodle ‘ well,  the ute looks like what the humans call a car, but a Sudane front and a small truck at the back? “Not sure if it is correct. “Well done except you pronounce it Sudan not with an e at the end”


Do you know what most important value is in the Australian culture? “Eating vegemite or shrimp on the barbie”? “No Cecilia its mateship”. “Mateship?!” – do you fly it? Can you do a triple loopty loop?  How is it a value if it’s just an object?! Objected the class. ‘Quiet down class” woo, it  is what they call it its is very close to their hearts. It has  4  important parts/ pillars to it : integrity, humility, fairness and perseverance. They all must be toghter or it doesn’t work. Mateship means that you have each others backs. Do you understand younlings “yes thankyou I kind of want to use that on our planet too”.


The end

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