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Dear Geraldine – My Aboriginal story

Dear Geraldine my sweet sister,


I have always wanted to spend time growing up with you and our sister May – all of us together-, but as the white man stole us away I never got to experience it . As I am now 33, I want so badly, to see you again, as does May.  We have been writing letters. The family I was put with had their own daughter, who was two years older than me, and they also had a son named Jerry, who was 3 when I meet him. We  developed a pretty good connection, I think it’s because  he had no other knowledge, and he wasn’t   programmed in his head to think that we were different. He accepted me for who I was and thought that I  was normal. Anyway, if you would please respond, my dearest sister, I miss you so much.  I remember the last day we saw each other and I play it over and over in my head.


I am not sure what to say I want to spend days just sitting, I wanted to tell you that I feel a deep and strong/ meaningful connection with Mr Rudd. as, even though it was not him personally that took us  away from our families that we love so much and all that we have ever known. He accepted the wrong that has happened to us and I was like ‘finally’ we are heard and told that he will try to close the gap that they made, and balance the scales so we can be connected and united.


Love Margret

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